Taunting Craigslist Post About Bicycle Crash Strikes Nerve With Biking Community


A driver claiming to have struck a bicyclist on the streets of Columbus bragged about it online, and now the central Ohio biking community is enraged.

The message, posted on Craigslist, begins, "To the bicyclist who went down hard today, I admit you must be hurting and I laughed all the way to work."

The post titled "A warning to bicyclists in Columbus" goes on to describe the incident in detail and warns other bicyclists to "beware of people like me who won't stop for you."

"Last year, I was hit right here coming from work -- the driver sped away. I've been doored, I've had a water bottle thrown at me, I've been spit at."

Jessica Mathews, an advocate with the group Consider Biking, said unfortunately acts of violence against bicyclists are all too common.

But she said this Craigslist post struck a nerve in the biking community.

The message was posted during Columbus' Bike to Work Week and the Share the Road campaign, which includes the investment of $5.1 million in bicycle facilities to make the city more bicycle friendly.

Columbus police said it has no record of any unsolved hit-skip incidents in the city matching the description on Craigslist, but does want any potential victims to come forward.

The post ended with a plea to the alleged victim, as well, saying "I pray you read this and reply back so I can sit you down and have a man to man with you. Most likely you are in the hospital, though."

Mathews called that lack of remorse "disturbing."

"You know, it's somebody's son, it's somebody's brother, best friend," she said. "And I feel like people are forgetting that there are human beings involved."

From Craigslist to the streets of Columbus, it's a message that has the biking community looking over their shoulder to try to stay out of harm's way.

Late Friday afternoon, someone flagged and removed the post from Craigslist.

10TV News tried to reach out to the author of the post, but he did not respond to the message.
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