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Should those Christmas lights come down now?

Some people are sounding off with their own reasons of why the lights need to stay up.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s the great debate happening all over the country: When is it time to take down your holiday lights? Some people are sounding off with their own reasons of why the lights need to stay.

“Makes it cheerful,” says Jan S., who lives in the Westgate Nextdoor neighborhood of West Columbus. “Mine are still up and my neighbors love them.”

Sammy Winston W. of the Nextdoor neighborhood in South Central Commons says the lights give people hope in coming out of this pandemic.

“Seeing bright days ahead,” he told 10TV’s Angela An, morning anchor for Wake Up Cbus.  “So, we keep the lights on, complaints or not.”

Even businesses like Easton Town Center are extending the festive spirit by keeping holiday lights on through Daylight Saving into late March.

“Easton is an outdoor environment, we wanted to extend the cheer through these cold winter months by keeping up the additional lights throughout the Town Center,” says Jennifer Peterson, Chief Executive of Easton Town Center.

Many homeowner associations however have strict rules on how long people can keep up their outdoor holiday lights and decorations.  Some homeowners say they simply switch out the colors based on the holiday they want to celebrate.

“I changed mine to all red for Valentine’s Day,” says Cathy S. who lives in North Linden.  “Next will be green for St. Patrick’s Day.”