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Skywatch: Find a popular asterism after sunset this week

The "Summer Triangle" is in a prominent position in the evening sky this time of year.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Moon and Jupiter will be in conjunction early in the week. On Monday morning the two will be in the south-southeastern sky very close to each other. 

Venus and Mars will be in the eastern sky (Venus will hang lower) and Saturn won’t be far off in the southern sky. Look in the sky before sunrise.

The last quarter moon officially arrives at 10:19 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Moonrise isn’t until after midnight so you’ll be able to catch the half-moon on Thursday morning.

Speaking of the moon, obviously it’s closer to us than any of the planets. When the moon passes in front of something it blocks it out and there’s a name for that. It’s called lunar occultation. 

The moon will pass in front of Mars on Thursday morning but we won’t be able to see it from Columbus. However, if you’re in the right place you might just see the Red Planet “disappear” from the sky if ever so briefly.

While you’re out stargazing look for a famous asterism known as the Summer Triangle. It’s not an actual constellation but it’s made up of stars from summer time constellations. Look in the eastern sky after sunset to find it, it’s tough to miss. 

Happy hunting!

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