SWACO offers tips to recycle right this holiday season


The Solid Waste Authority of Franklin County is offering advice to help residents be smarter with clean up from the holidays this season.

"A lot of things that we are buying come in paper bags, these can all be recycled in the curbside recycling program," said SWACO Communications Manager Hanna Greer-Brown.

According to the Ohio Environmental Agency, Ohioans produce 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and New Years.

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When hosting holiday parties, there are some important tips Greer-Brown said all should be mindful of.

"A good rule of thumb is to make sure your recycling bin is out and visible, so people know where to put their bottles, cans, cardboard and other recyclables." Greer-Brown said.

She also mentioned when it comes to gift wrapping, shop for paper that's made with recycled content.

The shopping list should also include gift cards and envelopes that don't have a lot of glitter, foil or a lot of embellishments to help make it more recyclable. Greer-Brown said magazines around the house also make for great wrapping paper to make unique, eco-friendly gifts.

When it comes to the bigger centerpieces, live Christmas trees can be composted through residents’ local municipality curbside yard waste program as long as all the lights, tinsel or any ornaments on the tree is removed before being placed on the curb.

Any unwanted artificial trees that are still in good shape should be donated to a Goodwill or a local non-profit.

For more information on what can and cannot be recycled in Franklin County, visit swaco.org.