Sunday, 02/02/2020, is a rare palindrome day across the globe

File photo (Credit: chainarong06/

TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) — Sunday is a big day: it’s the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day and it’s the first palindromic date of the year.

That means February 2, 2020 can be written the same way forward and backward.

It will be 02/02/2020 all over the world, and that hardly happens because not every country writes the dates the same format. Some do day/month/year, while others do month/day/year or year/month/day.

According to USA Today, the last time this happened was 909 years ago on November 11,1111. Also known as 11/11/1111.

If you go with the mm-dd-yyyy format, there are only 12 palindrome days in the entire 21st century.