Summer Quest: Camp saves kids and mothers in recovery


A summer camp in downtown Columbus is helping children learn the dangers of addiction while allowing their mothers to get treatment for opioid addiction.

It's called Summer Quest and it's funded by Franklin County ADAMH, the Ohio Department of Mental Health, and Amethyst -- a local drug and alcohol treatment recovery program which operates under Alvis.

Every child who attends has a mother battling addiction. Thirty-two children ages five to 17 participate.

It's free and mothers who've sent their children say without the camp, they wouldn't be able to help themselves,

"This is the best me I've ever been this is the happiest I've ever been I did not know this was possible, " says Joy Preston.

Preston says she began drinking at age nine with her adopted mother and turned to any drug she could find afterward.

Stephanie Fowler says she was addicted to crack cocaine. She decided to get help after losing her children, her house, and her job.

"I knew I needed help when my life became unmanageable I started losing everything," she says.

The camp is run by Laura Sutter. She says the main goal of the camp is to break the cycle of addiction. To make sure the children of these moms don't follow in their footsteps.

"These kids have been through a lot. They've seen a lot; they've hurt a lot. They've been part of their mother's addiction," she says.