Summer Learning Apps


School is out, but that does not mean your kids should stop learning.

You can find some great resources online to make sure your kids keep learning year round.

Many of them are free.

Social media behavioral expert Michele Cuthbert with Baker Creative recommends these apps and websites that are not only educational, but fun: has a variety of tools to learn, for example, about Antarctica. It also has fast facts, printable items for various grades, a slide show of explorers and info about animals. (wild birds offers live video feeds of all types of birds in their natural habitat. It also teaches kids how to set up their own wildlife habitat. has online color pages, math and number games, picture games and paint puzzles for younger kids.

Audubon Guides App is a good resource to ID butterflies while you and your kids take a walk in a local metro park. This app costs $10.

Elements in Action App brings the periodic table to life with video explorations of the weird, wonderful, and sometimes crazy properties of these elements. The cost is $3.99.

Creatures of Light App discusses organisms that produce light with the use of images, videos and animations all set to music. This app is free.