Suit Claims Drug Leads To Breast Cancer, Victim Speaks Out


One woman spoke out on Monday after learning a drug she was given before she was born had life threatening consequences for her as an adult.

Jackie White, 48, said she follows all the rules when it comes to her health, 10TV’s Glenn McEntyre reported.

“They tell you to eat low fat, they tell you not to smoke, I did all that stuff ‘cause it was just part of me,” White said.

So she said she was not at all prepared to hear the news her doctor had for her in March 2010, McEntyre reported.

“I don’t know that I will never not hear my breast surgeon,” said White. “I can hear him sitting here today just as clear as can be, ‘I’m really sorry, you have breast cancer,’” said White.

After further testing revealed her cancer was estrogen positive, she said she began to connect the dots between her diagnosis and something called DES, McEntyre reported.

DES is a synthetic estrogen given to millions of women between the 1940s and 1971, meant to prevent miscarriages with the promise of no side effects.

But a generation of women known as DES daughters, including Jackie, found that was not the case, McEntyre reported.

Research showed a link between children of women who took DES and various health issues, including cancer.

“My mom immediately went to a place that I think a lot of DES mothers go, and that’s ‘Oh my god. What have I done to my children?’” White said.

White underwent a double mastectomy and weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, McEntyre reported.

Today, she is a stage 3 cancer survivor and she said she is angry.

“There’s this whole group of people that were exposed to things that were huge risk factors for breast cancer, and they don’t know it,” said White.

White also said she fears her battle is not yet won, McEntyre reported.

“I’m scared that my journey’s not over,” White said. “What’s the next thing that DES is gonna put on my body?”

White is one of 53 women who is bringing the suit against the maker of the drug.

The defendants include former DES manufacturers Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Squibb, they argue that the breast cancer link is far from definitive, McEntyre reported.

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