Submetering faces first set of regulations


The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio decided today to begin regulating submetering companies.

10 Investigates first showed 2014 how submetering companies routinely guess how much apartment tenants use in power and water.

Submetering means people pay their utility bills to a company different from the actual utility generator. Generators include companies such as AEP or Columbia Gas. The leading submetering company in Columbus with multiple contracts downtown is Nationwide Energy Partners.

"The PUCO has charted a path today to protect consumers against unreasonably high rates charged by submetering entities," said PUCO chairman Asim Haque Wednesday afternoon.

If a submetering company is charging more than an approved percentage threshold above the bill of a similar utility company, that submetering company will be subject to PUCO jurisdiction. Previously, submetering companies were not regulated by state authorities.

“We support efforts to protect consumers from being charged unreasonably high rates and for the last three years have advocated that the Ohio legislature put consumer protections in place while respecting property owners’ rights to offer the benefits of submetering services to their residents,”said Nationwide Energy Partners CEO Gary Morsches in a statement.

The PUCO is taking complaints on submetering bills until January 13, 2017. To file a complaint, call 800-686-7826 or visit