Studying past crimes hot spots can help you plan where to shop


Car break-ins and shoplifting were the typical crimes reported, according to reports with Columbus Division of Police.

But a random look at central Ohio shopping hotspots shows a few unique trends.

CrimeTracker 10's Angela An looked at shopping statistics from last year's four-day Thanksgiving holiday so you can better prepare yourself when you hit the stores this weekend.

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Meantime, Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier offered these tips:

With the Holiday Season right on top of us, the staff of the Groveport Police Department wanted to provide a few safety tips.

While shopping:

  • Keep your car doors locked. Keep packages out of sight and locked in the trunk. Consider covering the packages with a blanket to prevent someone from seeing what you just bought.
  • When shopping always consider where you are. We recommend that you park in well- lit areas where there are other people. Don’t park far from the store, as you become an isolated target for thieves.
  • Pay attention to the possibility that the vehicle following you may follow you to your home. It is not unusual for thieves to prey on holiday shoppers.
  • Always try and shop with a friend. The old adage, safety in numbers, remains true today. If you do go out by yourself be sure to let family members know where you are shopping (at least the general area) and a time you would be returning.

Package pirates are fast and furious.m Use Video doorbells or other video devices to record your front porches. Know when deliveries are being made and use the delivery notification services.

Keep your cell phone charged but please do not use it while driving, especially in inclement weather.

For winter driving tips keep in mind that it is better to leave early and arrive safely. Pay attention to the weather reports and watch for sudden changes of weather.

Your vehicle should be winterized. Tires, batteries and brakes should be checked and repaired or replaced if they are worn or not functioning properly.

We also recommend that you keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Items should include a blanket, extra gloves and hats, even a couple of candy bars or a package of crackers, along with some bottled water.