Study: Most men would rather do housework than go to the doctor

File Photo (Credit: Pixabay)

Given the choice of cleaning a bathroom or going to a doctor’s appointment, most men opted for the housework.

Results from the fourth annual “MENtion It” survey and awareness campaign from the Cleveland Clinic reveal men are fearful and even embarrassed about their health.

Participants in the study cited fear of finding a problem and being told to make lifestyle changes as reasons they avoided seeing a doctor. Many said they rely on the internet for help.

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“A lot of guys did research themselves on the internet and thought that based upon what they self-diagnosed they could take care of the issue and then it may not be a problem,” said Dr. Brad Gill, who is a urologist in the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute at Cleveland Clinic.

Medical experts agree that routine screenings are essential to preventive health care.

Dr. Gill explained that prostate cancer can generally be managed and successfully treated when it’s picked up on routine screening.

“Prostate cancer if you wait until it causes symptoms and problems,” Dr. Gill explained. “It, unfortunately, is at an advanced stage that cannot always can be treated.”