Study: Eating hot peppers could lead to better heart health

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(WVEC) - A new study says eating hot chili peppers could lead to a healthier heart.

The study was conducted by the Mediterranean Neurological Institute in Italy.

More than 25,000 participants had their health status and eating habits monitored over eight years.

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Researchers found that the risk of dying from a heart attack was 40% lower among those eating chili peppers at least four times per week.

Death from a stroke was more than half. The study says researchers haven't been able to discern what's at the root of the positive benefits.

Some dieticians believe the chili peppers are a marker for overall healthier eating habits.

People who regularly eat hot chili peppers are probably also eating more fresh foods. Hot peppers are often used to add a little zing to recipes in place of unhealthier options.

Whether the benefits are from healthier habits or the hot peppers themselves—it might be worth spicing up your next meal with a pinch of peppers.