Students Left Without Busing After District Decides To Halt Transportation To 3 Private Schools


Some parents said on Tuesday that their children were being left out because the Northridge Local School District decided to restrict busing.

According to the state of Ohio, public schools are required to bus students within the district to private schools. Public schools are not required to bus to schools that are more than 30 minutes away.

According to the Ohio Department of Education, the ODE must sign off on the busing changes.

Days before the start of school this year, Northridge officials decided it would not transport students to three private schools.

Parents said that they were scrambling to find alternatives.

“We assumed there would be a quick resolution,” said parent Bill Jones. “It’s a pretty simple matter of following state law or not following state law.”

Northridge shares its private school routes with the neighboring Johnstown-Monroe Local school District. Parents of that district said that they were concerned about what the Northridge decision would mean for them.

“Shared busing services is where we need to go,” said Johnstown-Monroe parent Mike Rush. “Especially with the state of the budget and the economy in this state right now and what it is doing to the school district, shared busing makes sense.”

Northridge Treasurer Britt Lewis said that the district is not required to transport to the three private schools in question because of the distance.

ODE officials told 10TV News that it was aware of the conflict and would ride along with Northridge officials as they time the bus routes – standard state protocol.

Jones said that the state had not signed off on the district’s decision and should still transport the students until state officials do.

“We are paying a lot in taxes, and all we ask in return, as parents who send our kids to private schools, Christian schools or Catholic schools is to take our kids to school like every other little Johnny in the county.”

Parents of private school students in the district have taken legal action to force the district to transport their students until the ODE signs off on the busing change.

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