Students learn art of film making at CCAD camp

High school students are learning the process of making a film at CCAD (WBNS/10-TV)

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Francis Ford Coppola. Christopher Nolan. Joel and Ethan Coen. While they're all famous screenwriters now, they all had to start somewhere. Like the kids enrolled in the Columbus College of Art and Design's film making camp!

The process began back in February. "We held two free screenwriting workshops," says Christine Hill, director of continuing and professional studies at CCAD. "Students came and learned how to write a script. We chose, out of 22 submissions, we chose three winners. Their movies are the ones we're producing."

Students learn every aspect of film production. "They're doing production, they're doing their own sound, they're doing their own editing," says Hill. "It's amazing. It's like being on a real film crew."

Isabella Cameron wrote one of the screenplays that was selected. She says getting from script to production is quite the process. "I guess the first stage is confusion and being lost," she laughs. "Then the second stage, I guess, I just put my headphones on and start to envision -- what do I want? What moments do I want?"

Cameron says working on the project has really opened her eyes to the possibility of working in the industry. "I always knew I was a storyteller. It was only until recently I started to look at movies in a new light. And I was like, this is what I need to do."

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