Students help add sign language to shows at Shadowbox Live


COLUMBUS - People who visit Shadowbox Live on Front Street will notice something different during some of the December performances - sign language interpreters during comedy shows.

Students within the Theatrical American Sign Language class at Columbus State College will interpret the Holiday Hoopla shows.

The theatrical sign language class began with Stacie Boord, Executive Director at Shadowbox Live. After accommodating a request at Shadowbox Live, she decided to provide a better experience for all customers.

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"This is something special happening right here and I'm glad to be a part of it," said student Lindsey Longbrake.

Longbrake keeps her translating skills sharp by signing musical numbers and sketch comedy at Shadowbox Live. She said she was inspired to get involved with the class after working in a coffee shop, where she felt it was unfair that a customer with hearing impairment always had to write down her order.

"Deaf people have a really rich culture of storytelling," said Longbrake. "That's something I've always admired and appreciated. I figured going to Shadowbox, I would be learning to sign more theatrical signing. I think it's an art form and I've always appreciated that about deaf culture."

You can learn more about the class through Columbus State College.