Students at Bexley High School are taking a unique approach to give back


COLUMBUS -- Students at Bexley High School are taking a unique approach to give back.

"We wanted to bring awareness to how big of a problem homelessness is," said Evie Lewis, a junior at Bexley High.

The school's Sleep Out Club is planning it's annual overnight demonstration at Jeffrey Park, where students will sleep outside and raise awareness for homelessness. This year's proceeds will go to the Huckleberry House in Columbus.

"I didn't realize specifically that the Huckleberry House helps teens who have chosen homelessness," said Annie Politi, also a junior at Bexley High. "They might not have a safe space to stay at home, even if they have that home."

The students say sleeping out gives them a greater sense of humility and passion for those suffering around them.

"I think a lot of nights you don’t realize the things people go through, but sleeping out gives people the chance to kind of stay out in the open and feel their experience, even if it’s not really the exact same," said Lewis.

The Sleep Out is another way students are gaining momentum and making an impact in their community.

"I think there are a lot of big things happening in this country, such as like gun violence or abortion," said Claire Flora, also a junior. "But I think homelessness is looked over often and it's a huge problem that needs to be addressed."

Bexley High School has hosted a Sleep Out for the past four years.