Storm sends tree crashing across 3 yards, onto bicyclist in Merion Village


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Strong winds Tuesday brought down trees all over central Ohio.

On Moler Street in Merion Village, one massive tree crashed across three backyards and onto a bicyclist.

Part of the 80-foot tree landed on the hood of Ben Moran's car.

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"I had been out of the car maybe all of 10 seconds before it came down," he said. "Started to hear this tree cracking, looked up and started to see it fall, freaked out and bolted for my house."

He says that's when he heard a cry for help.

"I definitely heard a distinct, 'Help! Help!' So I put my stuff down inside and came back to check and there was a guy trapped out here right in our alleyway," Moran said.

A bicyclist was trapped under the tree.

"He was talking, he was in shock though," Moran said. "His leg was trapped, his face was bruised and bloody, but he was talking. He was kind of babbling a little bit. But he seemed like he was gonna pull through."

Columbus Fire and EMS freed the man and took him to the hospital.

On Wednesday, the job of clearing the massive tree began.

"The tree actually looks healthy on the outside, but on the inside, this is all that was alive," said Eddie McCoy of Eddie's Tree Service, showing the crumbling rot inside the tree's base.

"The wind caused it, but it being rotted didn't help matters," he said, saying it was just a matter of time before the tree came down.

McCoy says if you're worried about the health of your trees, it's best to call a professional to an assessment. He says sometimes trouble signs are not readily visible.

For help finding an arborist, click here.

10TV was not able to find out the condition on the injured cyclist.