“Stop the bullying”: Yolanda Harris says “enough”


COLUMBUS – Merriam-Webster defines “bully” as one who threatens others who are weaker, smaller or in some way vulnerable.

10TV’s Yolanda Harris is not weak but she was the subject of bullying.

Harris posted on her Facebook page Friday addressing unkind remarks made on a Facebook Live video during a newscast.

10TV’s news anchors stream live video on Facebook during newscasts to show viewers behind the scenes.

“We go live on Facebook during our newscasts to interact with viewers when we can to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes and to say hello,” Harris said.

Harris addressed the “bully brigade” showing comments made during the Facebook Live.

“STOP THE BULLYING. It’s hurtful and unnecessary. I know it comes with the territory...but today is the day when I have simply had enough,” Harris said.

One viewer said, “Good grief what is this every day we have to watch her powdering her face. She is always in her makeup bag and primping. They really think they are stars, don’t they? She looks old since she left Channel 6 and Fox News. She is not as bubbly or fun as she used to be.”

"I am most disappointed in you women. We, as women, have enough to deal with and don’t need to hear other women tearing us down... Shame on you!" Harris said.

“Yolanda just got back from puking her lunch up,” another viewer said.

“Learn to be kind and find something else to do with your time if all you have to offer are hateful words,” Harris said. “I hope someone learns something from this post. Life is short. Learn to be kinder.”

We all can learn to be kinder.