Starting Monday, mobile payment app and rate changes begin for downtown Columbus parking


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Starting on Monday, the ParkColumbus mobile payment app and parking meter rate recommendations will go into effect in the downtown area.

A new meter structure and time limits at more than 2,800 downtown meters will also begin to go into effect.

The app will be used at all metered parking spaces downtown.

The new changes will include the following guidelines:

  • Value meters at 50 cents per hour with no time limit
  • In demand meters at $1 per hour with a 3-hour time limit
  • High turnover meters at $1.50 per hour with a 30-minute time limit (75 cents per 30 minutes)

Implementation of the app and meter rate changes may take a few weeks to completely take effect following the planned start date of Feb. 24.

The changes are part of suggestions made in the Downtown Strategic Parking Plan.

The Columbus Division of Parking Services will examine the new rate structure during its first six months and consider potential adjustments.

Jennifer L. Gallagher, Director of the Department of Public Service, said in a released statement, “The Downtown Strategic Parking Plan represents another step in our ongoing effort to bring efficient, accessible and equitable parking to Columbus’s urban neighborhoods. This plan helps to manage congestion and distribute parking demand as Columbus continues to experience high growth.”