Star House builds hope for homeless youth in Columbus

Star House builds hope for homeless youth in Columbus

Up to 1,500 young people live on the streets of central Ohio. These vulnerable young people go without food, without family and without safety from harm and exploitation. Homeless youth were either born into or fell into some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

Star House gives homeless youth a chance to build a new life.

As the nation’s only research-based drop-in center of its kind, Star House was created to offer 14- to 24-year olds a respite from living on the streets. Founded by an expert in the area of youth homelessness - Dr. Natasha Slesnick, professor of human sciences at The Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology – Star House uses best practices to make a lifelong difference.

Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, Star House connects homeless youth with the services and resources they most need. This includes food, clothing, showers, hygiene products, bus passes to get to work and school, backpacks and appointments with mental health professionals. Our therapists are trained to serve as advocates to help homeless youth accomplish their goals.

Partnerships with community organizations also allows us to connect homeless youth with medical and dental providers, employment services, recovery support groups and many more Ohio resources.

Star House and homeless youth need your help

Your donation to Star House will bring hope to homeless youth in central Ohio in many impactful ways. Here are just a few giving options for you to support Star House and young people who live on the streets:

$10 = Purchases a winter protection kit, including a knitted hat, gloves and a scarf, for one homeless young person

$25 = Did you know that a birth certificate is needed to enroll in school, apply for jobs and even to join the military? Many homeless youth don’t have their birth certificates – your gift will allow us to secure the birth certificate for one homeless youth

$60 = Pays the application fees for a homeless youth to apply for an accredited college or university, such as The Ohio State University

$100 = A survival kit will allow homeless youth to survive the outdoor elements. This kit includes a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, batteries and hand/foot warmers

$150 = Gives one homeless youth all of the materials needed to study (and pass) their GED exam. Your gift will also offer a fresh start by paying any fees associated with the exam

$500 = This is a STAR donation! You will provide ten homeless youth with a thick, insulated winter coat to wear all year long

Would you like to make a larger donation to Star House, please contact Andrea Bowlin, chief advancement officer, at and (614)292-6516.

To learn more about Star House, located at 1220 Corrugated Way Columbus, OH 43201, please visit

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