Staff at The Wilds save 5 endangered rare dhole pups

Grahm S. Jones, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Five rare dhole pups at The Wilds are thriving thanks to the hand-rearing efforts of the conservation center’s care teams.

The pups were born on February 16 and are the second litter of dhole pups born there. The Wilds is only one of four facilities in the United States that cares for the endangered species.

The pups, two males and three females, were born to mother, Csilla and father, Beni.

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The Wilds’ team of experts intervened with caring for the pups when their mother did not survive after her uterus ruptured during births.

Teams worked closely to provide around-the-clock care to the pups.

The pups have since opened their eyes, are starting to eat solid food and are beginning to exhibit play behavior.

The Wilds said the pups will be weaned off of their bottles soon and be reintroduced into the pack of four other dholes.

Dholes are known as Asiatic wild dogs and are quite rare and are listed as endangered in their native range throughout central, south and southeast Asia.