Stadium-wide Wi-Fi to be available for Ohio State season opener

Twitter: @OSU_AD

Ohio State has announced the project to improve wireless connectivity inside Ohio Stadium is expected to be completed for the Buckeyes season opener on August 31.

“The contractors working on behalf of the Department of Athletics and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) have worked above-and-beyond to get us to this point of having stadium-wide Wi-Fi in time for the first game,” senior associate athletics director/chief information officer Jim Null said.

The university said the project will not be completed until October 4 but access will be available at the first game.

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When finished, workers will have pulled 47 miles of copper and fiber throughout the stadium, connecting to more than 2,000 access points that have been installed this year.

The installation of 4,018 antennas is also included in the project.

“Ten access points could typically cover an area the size of the stadium,” Null said, “but we needed significantly more to service the Wi-Fi needs of so many fans in close proximity, plus ticketing functions and the press box, suites, club rooms, concourses and outdoor areas.”

The $10.5 million project also includes expanded Wi-Fi connectivity in the Schottenstein Center for this fall.

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