This St. Louis bar sells drinks by the hour, not the glass

(Facebook | Open Concept)

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) — A new bar in south St. Louis is selling drinks by the hour instead of individual drinks.

‘Open Concept’ opened for business on Oct. 4. Instead of paying for drinks, customers pay for time.

According to its website, for an average price of $10 per hour, customers can drink as much as they can handle.

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You can purchase a time slot ahead of time. For $10 an hour you can get premium liquor and for $20 an hour you can get top shelf liquor. There’s also a VIP area you can reserve for $200 an hour. Click here for more details.

It also has weekend brunch. For $20 an hour you can get bottomless mimosas, Bellinis and a food buffet.

The new spot is located at 2712 Cherokee Street in St. Louis.