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'What happened today in the stadium was magical': Kamryn Babb makes emotional on-field comeback

Pride and happiness flooded the field as Babb, a fifth-year wideout for the Buckeyes, dropped to his knees after the catch.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Players, coaches and fans were overcome with emotion after Kamryn Babb caught a touchdown in the fourth quarter of Ohio State’s 56-14 win over Indiana.

Pride and happiness flooded the field as Babb, a fifth-year wideout for the Buckeyes, dropped to his knees after the catch.

After giving him a moment to let it all soak in, Buckeye quarterback C.J. Stroud and other offensive players rushed to him in the end zone. The celebration then moved to the sidelines as more teammates and coaches embraced Babb and offered up congratulations.

Babb caught the first pass of his collegiate career Saturday after overcoming four ACL injuries and other setbacks.

Stroud, who threw the touchdown pass to Babb, told reporters after the game, "I really wanted that to happen a lot. It was amazing to give my boy the ball."

Since joining the Buckeyes in 2018, Babb has put positivity and hope at the forefront of his career as he has stopped and started seasons due to injury after injury.

Before his first training camp for the Buckeyes, he tore his ACL and had to sit out the 2018 season. Then, an injury during spring practice forced Babb to sit out the entire 2019 season. 

In 2020, Babb was full speed ahead and showed to be a valuable team player and asset to the team having overcome two painful injuries, but again, he suffered another knee injury in 2021.

Now he's back to playing in his fifth season of the program.

What got him through it? Babb said faith, family and his teammates have made a huge impact on him during his recovery.

"[Stroud] has been there and kinda held me up when I feel like I couldn't go on," Babb said standing next to Stroud during a postgame interview. "He's a great football player - love him as a football player, but I love him as just a brother."

Stroud said words can't describe. "Every year he's left a legacy."

In his postgame interview, Coach Ryan Day said, "This is somebody who has overcome four ACL surgeries, so you know, that's nine months recovery times four. So, that's a long time to be in recovery not being able to do something you love."

Day said he hopes what Babb has gone through can help motivate others going through similar situations to power through and overcome.

"What happened today in the stadium was magical and that was what college football means to a lot of people."

Babb said he wouldn't have changed a thing.

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