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Ezekiel Elliott buys parents new home with first NFL paycheck

The former Buckeye made his first major purchase since signing his contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

Former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott has made his first major purchase after signing his NFL contract: a new home for his parents and siblings.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Elliott bought his family a home in the St. Louis area, the same where he grew up.

"It just feels really good to reward my mom," Elliott told SportsDay. "The hard work she put in raising me and all she sacrificed, finally being able to do something for her for the first time feels really good."

Zeke's father, Stacy Elliott, told 5 Points Blue during the NFL Draft that he and his wife always put the needs of their children first.

“Dawn and I sacrificed to provide a high quality education for Ezekiel and his sisters,” Stacy told 5 Points Blue on the day following Round 1 of the NFL Draft. “We’re a middle class family trying to provide an upper class education and lifestyle for our children. Ezekiel went to private school his academic career through high school. So we didn’t drive the best cars. We didn’t go on fine trips or live in big houses. Most of our money went to the children. Our family vacations were AAU national track championships held in places across the country.”

Zeke signed a four-year deal worth $24.9 million with a signing bonus worth $16 million on May 18.

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