Spider crickets creeping their way into Ohio homes


They look like big spiders. They appear mainly at night. And you don't want them in your house!

Cold weather has more than us humans heading inside to stay warm this fall. Spider crickets are invading homes across the country and right here in Ohio.

Turns out they like dark and damp places like attached garages and basements. And while they look like hopping spiders (some people call them sprickets) they don't have fangs or the ability to bite. However, they can eat indoor plants, other insects and even fabric and cloth. And when it's cold, they will congregate and potentially cause more damage.

How to keep them away from your house? Seal up floors and windows. You should dry out damp areas with a dehumidifier. And some folks have used cedar and peppermint oil to keep these guys away. Good luck!

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