Son Of Pizza Delivery Man Killed On The Job Talks About Loss


It was an outpouring of emotion from a son who lost his father in a brutal and senseless way.

For the first time we hear from the son of Jim Crabtree, the man killed while delivering a pizza on Columbus' east side.

"I didn't believe it, it's still hard to believe," said Nick Crabtree.

Crabtree's reaction two weeks ago when he found out his dad, Jim, was murdered and still his reaction today.

"I just miss him a lot," said Crabtree.

Crabtree and his dad were close.  Jim had raised him and his sister, Courtney, as a single dad.

"He made growing up fun," said Crabtree.

He fondly recalls his favorite memories.

"Trying to teach him new games to play with me, it was pretty funny - he wasn't very good,"  said Crabtree.

Then, tearfully talks about what he misses most about his dad.

"Just talking to him, just wish I could talk to him, you know," said Crabtree.

He says his dad worked for a trucking company for years but had been laid off. That's why he was delivering pizzas.  He always put Nick, Courtney and his 5-year-old daughter first.

"Just a genuinely good guy, you don't really find guys like him very often," said Crabtree.

Crabtree's mom, Jim's ex-wife, agrees.  She praises him as a father. 

"He took really good care of my kids, he raised them right," said April Angler.

The two want to know why this happened - Why Jim?  They don't understand.

"I just don't see why someone would need to do that.  It's cowardly, honestly," said Crabtree.

"Whoever did him that way, they're monsters to me," said Angler.

Crabtree is in the army and stationed in Hawaii.  He is headed back soon.  He wants to see whoever did this to be caught and brought to justice.