Some common medications can increase risk of heart failure


The American Heart Association is making its first scientific statement on drugs that may cause or worsen heart failure.

The message from medical experts is that candor is essential to maintaining good heart health.

AHA researchers say the average heart failure patient takes an average of seven prescription medications a day. They also found more than a third of heart failure patients also take herbal supplements; two-thirds take vitamins, and seven out of eight use over-the-counter medications.

AHA Scientific Statement: Drugs That May Cause or Exacerbate Heart Failure

OSU Wexner Medical Center Heart specialist Dr. Ragavendra Baliga told 10TV’s Tracy Townsend he asks his patients several questions and demands they do the same, “I tell my patients to call my office either through the electronic medical record or contact the pharmacist before they buy over the count medication.”

Dr. Baliga also advises people who are picking over the counter meds to check out at the pharmacy counter where they can ask questions of a pharmacist instead of at the front counter at big-box retailers.