Some Blacklick area residents dealing with water bills in the thousands

Water bill courtesy of current customer

BLACKLICK, Ohio - Some people in the Blacklick area are dealing with water bills in the thousands.

10TV talked with people who live in the newly developed Paddock Reserve area. Many are watering sod right now.

"They told us we used $2,800 worth of water so 97,000 gallons - in three weeks," said homeowner Brooke Jones.

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Jones' neighbor, Nicole Alanis, has a similar problem.

"My bill is just shy of $2,700," Alanis said. "It shows that I used almost 95,000 gallons of water during that 2.5-week time period."

Jefferson Water and Sewer District explained how their rates are structured. It is called an "increasing block rate structure." The more gallons you use, the price per gallon goes up. District officials said this is a way to encourage water conservation.

"We look at it as a precious resource and we want people to be responsible in their water usage," said Mark Williams, Jefferson Water & Sewer District Controller.

If people are watering sod, there is a way the district can adjust your bill so it is not as high.

"Maybe $700 of that bill was actually the sewer," Williams said. "We would reduce that sewer part from $700 to $40. So, they get a huge break there. We anticipate the water did not go down the sewer. It did not add a cost to the district, so we wouldn't pass that cost to the consumer."

However, not everyone knows about the program. It started in July.

"We're probably going to improve that communication now ... kind of make it more available now that we're getting more development in the district," Williams said.

For Jones and Alanis, the adjustment certainly helps them. However, they still have questions and concerns.

"We still have a $1,100 bill and I still question the 100,000 gallons," Jones said.

Alanis added, "Definitely would've budgeted differently. I think when you go from expecting a $70 bill every month to having to pay, even without sewage, it's a $1,100 bill."

If you have a question about your bill, you can give the Jefferson Water and Sewer District a call at 614-864-0740.

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