Sobriety checkpoint scheduled tonight in Reynoldsburg

File photo - sobriety checkpoint (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan)

FRANKLIN COUNTY - The Franklin County DUI Task Force will hold a sobriety checkpoint this evening to combat impaired driving.

The checkpoint will be at the intersection of East Main Street and Beeler Drive in the City of Reynoldsburg.

Members of the Franklin County DUI Task Force will conduct the sobriety check between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 1:30 a..m.

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The task force says it wants to "impress upon those who will be consuming alcohol to plan for a designated driver or make other arrangements to get where they are going."


EDITOR’S NOTE: Why are the locations and times of a sobriety checkpoint released?

Guidelines issued by the NHTSA instruct law enforcement to “aggressively” publicize the locations.

The goal, according to the NHTSA, is to not only to deter impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel but also to assure the protection of constitutional rights for both police and the public.​