Snackin' with Acton? Fans show their love for Ohio's health director

Ohio Dept. of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton is gaining fans with her calm demeanor and reassuring tone at the governor's daily press conferences. (Photo courtesy: Dr. Amy Acton Fan Club Facebook group)

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When the clock strikes 2 p.m. in Ohio, many know just where to be -- seated in front of their televisions to watch the governor's daily press conference on the coronavirus.

Gov. Mike DeWine is capturing his fair share of the national spotlight for his leadership and bold moves in the wake of the outbreak. But one star seems to be outshining even him -- Ohio Dept. of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton.

"Sometimes I feel that I don't really deserve all this attention I'm getting," Dr. Acton said at Wednesday's press conference. "It is, I'm one person at a point in time, and there's a lot of serendipity."

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But don't tell that to her many fans.

They created a Facebook group, the Dr. Amy Acton Fan Club, which had more than 51,000 members by late Wednesday afternoon.

It is filled with supportive posts, pictures, quotes, memes and more.

You can follow the hashtags #WineWithDeWine and #SnackinWithActon on social media.

Of course, Dr. Acton already has inspired a T-shirt by Homage, with the proceeds going to Huckleberry House.

But now some are even writing their own songs about her.

"Making the best of a bad situation, watching Dr. Amy for my virus education," crooned Eric McCarty, a member of the Irish band Extra Stout.

Allison McBane Graham also penned an ode to her fearless leader.

"Dr. Acton, she's not scared, no, she's not, she's really prepared," she sings in a video posted to the group.

And the word is getting back to Dr. Acton, according to her son, Sam Beech.

"As Amy’s son, I am so happy to see so much love and appreciation for my mom," he wrote to 10TV in a statement. "I have been fortunate enough to feel her compassion and care my entire life, and I’m so glad that she has been able to affect so many people’s lives in such a positive way during a challenging time. I can tell you that she feels everyone’s support, and she appreciates it all. And I know she will continue to look to lead us through this."

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