Smart Homes: Opening Doors to New Technology


We come in contact with evolving home technology every day.  Sound systems, thermostats and even ordinary light fixtures are going high tech.

Eventually, they all need adjusting.  But now, homeowners can accomplish that with the touch of an iPad or smartphone.

"When you come home, you log into the wireless network, which all happens automatically,” explains American Security & A/V Systems manager Todd McAfee.  “You bring up an app and you can control as much or as little as you'd like; whether it be lighting, HVAC, television, music in different rooms.”

One of the biggest advancements on this year’s parade is the new sound systems.  Older designs put speakers in every room, but thanks to new technology, you can make the speakers adaptable for the whole family.

For example, you and the kids are cooking dinner in the kitchen for the big game, but you want to listen to music.  Dad can use the grill and still listen to the game through speakers at the same time. That's what makes this Weaver Custom Home smart.

The newest feature of smarter sound is a "music bridge."  Instead of leaving your music device in the cabinet, homeowners can control and send music to the sound system from their mobile device through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

The custom home also features innovative kitchen technology, just for mom.   Design Coordinator Daisy Shamp says a high-tech elevating compartment on the kitchen island is great for storage.  She says it’s just another way to simplify your life.

Smarter homes make things easy, but they can also protect your family.

Homeowners can use their mobile phones to check-in on their home surveillance cameras when they're away from the house.  If you accidentally leave the garage door open, you can log in from anywhere and close the door with the tap of a finger.