Skywatch: See if you can spot the "Winter Circle" this week


While the moon will brighten through the week it’ll start off as a thin crescent this week. On Sunday night, if the clouds permit you can go hunting for the young moon.

Look for the “fingernail moon” in the western sky in the evening. If you look around dusk and you have a clear view of the horizon Venus will shine brightly near the horizon to below and right of it.

The moon will continue to brighten in the coming days and eventually reach First Quarter phase at 3:09 a.m. Friday morning. Look for the half-moon on Thursday and Friday nights.

The moon will also pass through a popular asterism on Saturday night. The “Winter Circle” is a pattern of stars made up of some famous stars in popular constellations.

Stars from the constellations of Orion, Taurus and Gemini (to name a few) make up the “Winter Circle”.

The moon will sit inside the asterism in the south to overhead in the evening taking up a large portion of the sky. Happy hunting!