Skywatch: Look for planets this week under a dark sky

Planet Watching

Look for planets in the morning sky this week when we see some clearing. Jupiter, Mars & Saturn aren’t hard to find & they’ll all be very close to each other.

Look in the southeastern sky before dawn to find the trio. If you have a really clear view of the horizon you might catch Mercury below and left of them.

The New Moon

A New Moon arrives at 5:28 in the morning on Tuesday. A darker sky this week will mean there will be lots of starlight to enjoy.

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Courtesy: NASA

Venus reaches something known as its greatest eastern elongation on Tuesday at around 6 p.m. Because Venus is an inferior planet (it’s closer to the sun than us).

This is when the planet looks like it’s at its farthest point from the sun as observed on Earth. You’ll also have a great chance to observe Venus this week. It’ll be in the western sky around and after sunset.

The Young Moon & Venus

You can use the Young Moon to help you find Venus late in the week. It’ll be below the planet on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday about an hour after sunset. Below is how it’ll look on Friday night. Happy hunting!