Skywatch: Look for our galaxy under a dark sky


We’ll welcome the New Moon early in the week, which means we’ll have a dark sky this week, so stargazing will be that much easier. The New Moon is officially here at 6:02 on Monday morning.

Courtesy: NASA

As mentioned, there won’t be as much light pollution this week, so you should take this as an opportunity to see the Milky Way. The Milky Way is our home galaxy and in early June, you can see it in the evenings. You need to be in a dark spot, far away from city lights to get the best view. If you’re out at the right time, you may even catch it rise over the horizon.

One Wednesday evening, you can use the young moon to help you find Mars and Mercury. Look in the west about an hour after sunset and the moon will be just above the two. Mars will be a little higher in the sky and you’ll need a clear view of the horizon to see Mercury. On Tuesday evening, the moon will be closer to the horizon and on Thursday evening, it’ll be a little higher in the sky. Above is how you’ll find the three on Wednesday night.

Look in the west on Saturday evening and that moon will be a waxing crescent in the constellation of Leo. You should be able to find the lion and the moon fairly easily. Happy hunting!