Skywatch: Get ready for the Full Pink Moon this week


If you are out early on Monday morning and the skies cooperate you can see the two planets closest to the sun, and they will be nearly on top of one another.

Mercury and Venus will be visible in the eastern sky about a half hour before sunrise very low in the sky. You will need a clear view of the horizon to see the pair. Venus will shine brighter and just above and right of Mercury.

The Red Planet will meet up with Aldebaran on Tuesday night. Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus. Also known as the “Eye of the Bull” Aldebaran is about 65 light-years away from Earth and it’s just a little bigger and older than our sun. Look for the pair in the western sky after sunset.

The moon will be waxing throughout the week as well.

The Full Moon will arrive at 7:12 a.m. Friday. This month’s full moon is also known as the Full Pink Moon because wild ground phlox, a pink flower, starts to return. The flowers are synonymous with early spring. It’s also called the Full Egg Moon. Look for a big, bright early on Friday morning and again on Friday evening. Happy hunting!