Skywatch: All five 'naked eye' planets are visible this week

Skywatch: All five 'naked eye' planets are visible this week

When skies clear out this week, you can take advantage and look for all five “naked eye” planets in the sky. Mars and Mercury will grace the evening sky. Look in the eastern sky after sunset for the pair. Mars will be higher in the sky and Mercury will be below and right of it. You’ll need a clear view of the horizon to see it.

The moon will be darkening through the week as well. The last Quarter Moon arrives on Tuesday morning at 6:28 a.m. Look for the half moon early. When you find it, look just below and left of it. Jupiter will be shining brightly and tough to miss.

Courtesy: NASA

Mercury will reach something known as greatest eastern elongation on Tuesday night. This is when the planet appears farthest from the sun as viewed from Earth. It will then begin its slow transition back to the morning sky in the coming weeks.

From Wednesday on, you can use the moon to help you locate three planets in the morning sky. Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will all be in the southeast a little more than an hour before sunrise. Jupiter will be highest in the sky with Saturn below and left of it, Venus will be closer to the horizon and farther left and be the brightest of the three. Above is how you’ll find the moon and the three on Saturday morning. Happy hunting!