Six cheetah cubs born at The Wilds

Six cheetah cubs born at The Wilds | Oct. 2019 (The Wilds)

The Wilds has welcomed a litter of six cheetah cubs born at the conservation facility on October 30.

The litter is the first for mother Pumzika. The staff said she is providing great care to her cubs.

On Thursdays, the staff provided well checks on all of the cubs and discovered the litter consists of three males and three females. All cubs appear to be healthy and are growing steadily.

Five-year-old Pumzika was born at this San Diego Safari Park and arrived at The Wilds in July 2019.

The father, Finnick, is 7-year-old old and came to The Wilds from the White Oak Conservation Center in Yulee, Fla. in 2014.

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Finnick has been the father of three previous litters at The Wilds.

The Wilds said Pumzika and the cubs will not be out of their behind-the-scenes den for a few months.

“The birth of these rare cheetah cubs is cause for celebration. They are adorable, but more importantly their births represent a significant contribution to the sustainability of this species’ population, and we are extremely proud to be directly involved in protecting the future of cheetahs,” said The Wilds Vice President Dr. Jan Ramer.