Sisters Sentenced In Massage Parlor Human Trafficking Trial


Two Chinese nationals, who were found guilty on charges of forcing women to perform sex acts inside massage parlors across cenral Ohio, have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Sisters, Qing Xu and Estella Xu, were found guilty on all 15 counts against them in Delaware County. The counts included promoting prostitution, money laundering and practicing medicine without a license.

Police said a three-month investigation revealed women were forced to live at parlors, sleep on massage tables, and were never allowed to leave. 

In January, authorities rescued 18 women who they believe were living in servitude. 

Investigators say when they began looking into the operation after they noticed the business never advertised in local papers. Police say the owners instead advertised on a website that caters to adult entertainment.

Qing Xu's husband, Xiaoshaung Chao, was found not guilty in August.