Simple strategies to keep yourself healthy


People using the month of February to re-start a commitment to heart health may love the advice to keep it simple.

American Heart Month as February is known, is all about raising awareness of heart disease prevention. It can often be prevented when people make healthy choices and manage their health conditions.

It’s a matter of watching what you put in your mouth, according to Kelly Prater, who is the Director of Nursing Cardiovascular Services for Adena Health System.

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“Just watching what you put in your mouth making sure that if they are fats, they are healthy fats that they're getting plenty of fruits and vegetables," Prater said.

Stress can be hard on the heart. Prater cautioned that stress can raise our blood pressure and in the long run damage the heart.

In the ‘busyness’ of life, Prater shared that many people are turning to energy drinks for a boost.

Caffeine, sugar, and stimulants in these products can provide a pick-me-up but cardiovascular experts and scientists at the Centers for Disease Control Prevention warn there's a risk of raising heart rate and blood pressure.

Prater doesn’t recommend them and advises people to contact their physician to check for any medical conditions that could cause complications when drinking energy drinks.