Should You Interact With Your Boss On The Web?


More employers and employees are becoming friends with each other on social networking Web sites, like Facebook and MySpace.

In most cases, a person's boss should initiate contact on those types of sites, according to

Paige Barrow is friends with her boss on Facebook.

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"I think everyone in our office is on Facebook and we're all friends," Barrow said.

Her boss at StrateSphere, Damon Caiazza, told 10TV's Cara Connelly that the online friendship makes him a better manager.

"This allows you to be more human and personal in your decision-making," Caiazza said.  "So if you had a bad weekend, I probably know about it and you don't have to explain yourself if you come to work grumpy on Monday."

Caiazza cautioned that not every boss is as open as he is.  Barrow uses, without hesitation, from her desk throughout the workday.  It only started after Caiazza made it clear no one would be punished for their posts. 

"You have to be willing to day this is something this person did on their own time and when they're at work, they do their job and that's what's important," Caiazza said.

Connelly found Barrow and her co-workers on Twitter, when she asked users if anyone is "friends" with their bosses on social networking site.  Cheryl Harrison replied, saying she is friends with her boss on every social site, including Twitter. 

"Sometimes it can get strange, but I love the interaction," Harrison wrote. 

Career experts said to assess the culture of the workplace.  If its casual, like StratesSphere, social networking with the boss could actually help your career.  Just be sure you have nothing to hide.

"I am who I am," Barrow said.  "I am the same person here as I am at home and I think everybody knows it.  I don't really temper myself." suggests users should check their privacy settings.  Facebook allows users to block portions of a profile from certain friends.  Also, users should watch their "wall" on Facebook, not only what you wrote but what your friends wrote.

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