Shortage of workers leads to construction slowdown across the country


COLUMBUS -- As scaffolding and cranes line the skies throughout central Ohio, a shortage of construction workers is slowing down work both locally and across the nation.

A recent survey by AGC, the Associated General Contractors of America, found nearly 70% of contractors have a tough time finding qualified craft workers.

“It impacts the schedule on almost every project,” CEO of Brexton Development Tim Galvin said.

“We struggle maintaining deadlines because of the shortage,” Galvin said.

The industry veteran said the shortage is due to the workers beginning their careers drifting away from trade jobs and toward tech-based fields.

“The workers here in central Ohio make a great wage," he said. “It’s easy to get a job right now. . . you learn a skill. . .there are plenty of apprenticeship programs.”

Many contracting guilds are hoping to develop the next wave of skilled labor by introducing trades through programs focused on children at the elementary school level.

“Kids in the business [who are] 21-years-old own homes and that, of course, is the American dream,” Galvin said. “You can make that happen in the construction industry.”

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