Sheriff: Woman drove to jail to bail out boyfriend on suspended license with meth in her pants

Audrain County Sheriff's Office

AUDRAIN COUNTY, Mo. – A Sherriff is Missouri is offering advice after a woman was arrested coming to bail her boyfriend out of jail.

Audrain County Sheiff Matt Oller posted that he was monitoring the video feeds around the building when he saw a woman getting arrested in the lobby.

He said 29-year-old Amanda Smith came to bond her boyfriend out of jail.

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“Problem is, her license is revoked. She drove right to our building thinking we wouldn't notice…the deputy recognized her and knew she was revoked...we noticed. Don't do that,” he wrote.

While be being booked for felony driving while revoked, he noticed she dug into her bra and then dug around in the front of her pants. He asked a deputy to review the footage.

“I was right…He went back to the booking desk and told the nice young lady he would need the bag of Meth that she brought into our jail. She looked a bit confused…then I saw him point at the camera I had been monitoring, telling her we saw the whole show. She looked at the camera then cried and dug the Meth out of her pants and gave it up,” Oller wrote.

Smith was charged with delivery of a controlled substance to a county jail.

“Here's the take away - if you're going to commit a couple of felonies, do it somewhere other than the Sheriff's Office. We'll arrest you and put you in jail for committing felonies - especially when you literally come to us to commit them in our presence, on video,” he wrote.