Shawnee Hills police chief suspended for 3 days after DUI

Credit: Village of Shawnee Hills

The Shawnee Hills police chief has been suspended for three days without pay after it was determined Russell Baron used a company vehicle while off duty, drank and lied about it.

At Monday’s meeting, the village council approved the punishment recommended by the mayor in a 4-2 vote.

Baron will use two personal days in place of the two suspended days, according to the village fiscal officer Shirley Roskoski.

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Roskoski said this essentially makes his suspension one day.

According to a report filed by the mayor, obtained by 10TV, the police chief misused a 2012 Ford Explorer donated for undercover surveillance by Nationwide Insurance, drank while using it and lied about it.

According to the report, Baron was seen on Feb. 6 by a Bureau of Criminal Investigation undercover agent consuming two 16-ounce alcoholic beverages at the Bogey Inn. He left the bar and was later seen at Largos pub where he consumed four more beers, according to the reports based on a Delaware County Sheriff's Office investigation.

Baron was driving a 2012 Ford Explorer that was donated to the Shawnee Hills Police Department by Nationwide Insurance to be used for undercover investigations into insurance fraud, according to a contract both parties signed.

There was no evidence according to Monahan, that Baron, was investigating anything. Baron was off-duty at the time.

According to the reports, Baron twice lied about the amount he drank both before and after failing field sobriety tests. He also refused blood-alcohol tests at the Delaware County Jail.

In March, a special prosecutor made a motion to dismiss the case due to lack of evidence. Both the drunken-driving and license plate charges were dismissed.