Several vehicles stolen and broken into overnight in Union County


A rash of car break-ins and thefts has one neighborhood on alert.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating four stolen vehicles and nine car break-ins in the Dogwood Neighborhood in Jerome Village and the new California Woods and Hills sub-divisions.

The sheriff’s office says there is surveillance video of possible persons of interest using one of the stolen credit cards at a gas station on the southeast side of Columbus.

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The thieves stole different items, including a computer, wallets, credit cards, golf clubs and a backpack.

The Union County Sheriff's Office said almost all of the vehicles that were entered were left unlocked with the keys left inside.

“Unfortunately, these are primarily crimes of opportunity. We strongly urge residents to lock their vehicles and remove all valuables and keys. This will reduce the opportunities for theft in our community”, said Sheriff Jamie Patton.

The sheriff's office said on April 30 that multiple suspects have been identified and are in custody.

The suspects, charged with receiving stolen property, are from the Columbus area and their ages range from 14 to 17, according to the sheriff's office.