Several mosquito pools in Franklin County test positive for West Nile virus

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ohio – The Franklin County Public Health said they are testing several areas in the county and have confirmed that a few of them tested positives for mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus.

The department said two of their traps in Westerville Central Zone, 1 in Prairie Township Northern Zone and 1in Gahanna Central Zone were tested and confirmed.

They have sprayed all of those zones last week, but they are not able to test every mosquito.

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The mosquitoes that they were not able to test were sent to the Ohio Department of Health. The Ohio Department of Health confirmed mosquitoes carrying the virus were found in the Bexley area.

Sarah Fink, from Franklin County Public Health, says they use a mixture of grass clippings and water, that sits out for hours, to lure them in.

They have set over 150 mosquito traps every single week, 61 of those traps throughout the county are targeted at the mosquitos that can carry the West Nile Virus.

The department tests through surveillance and once mosquitoes test positive, they will spray the area. The department is using a pesticide that is organic and safe to use on crops and vegetables.

Fink said mosquitoes breed in standing water, so it's important to empty buckets of water or flower pots. In the evenings, wear long sleeves, long pants, shoes, socks and load up on repellant.

The department hasn't seen any cases of people having the virus, but FInk said it should be taken seriously.

"Unfortunately, it does seem to affect our older population and people with low immune systems more than you know, young adults or children," Fink said.

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