Several Granville parks vandalized, costing city thousands to repair

A photo of vandalism at one of the Granville parks earlier this year (Granville Recreation)

GRANVILLE -- Several recent incidents of vandalism are prompting Granville's Recreation District to look at ways to catch the bad guys.

McPeek lodge has been hit twice in the last three weeks, with windows and doors broken and a canoe stolen.

At Raccoon Valley Park, someone drove through the ball fields, causing excessive damage.

Each incident is costing the district thousands to repair.

“I’m not sure that anyone realizes the cost behind fixing those things,” Granville Recreation District’s Executive Director Andy Wildman said. “By the time our staff comes out here and we spend a day, we repair windows and we repair garage doors and clean up all the mess.”

Wildman now is looking into surveillance cameras to keep the Recreation property safe.

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