Serial rape suspect held on $2 million bond, search for others continues


As one suspect in a serial rape investigation faced a judge, the hunt continued for two others behind a series of violent attacks.

Columbus Police said DNA evidence led them to 19-year-old Eric Pearce-Robinson in the case of a woman raped and shot near South Burgess Avenue.

They suspect him in three west side rapes over the last five weeks.

Pearce-Robinson appeared before a Franklin County judge Friday. At the request of Columbus Police for investigative purposes, 10TV is not showing his face.

Prosecutors said Robinson was one of three young men to rape a woman in an alley behind South Burgess Avenue around 2:30 a.m. May 19.

Desiree Fleming was driving home from work when she saw the victim.

"Standing in the middle of the street waving her arms, pointing, and there's blood everywhere," Fleming said.

CPD conducting serial rape investigation on west side of Columbus

Calls to 911 in the April 18 rape on Brehl Avenue and the April 24 attack on Sullivant Avenue give similarly disturbing accounts:

"I'm in my car, on South Central, and there's a naked woman running down the street. She'd got blood all over her," a caller said on April 18.

"I got home from work and a lady comes pulling up to me asking if I was a cop, because I'm in a security guard uniform, saying she was just raped,” a caller said on April 24.

Pearce-Robinson is right now only charged in the Burgess Avenue rape.

For a young man, he has a long criminal history, including eight felony charges, grand theft, aggravated burglary, and domestic violence among them.

Still his mother said this charge is especially hard to take.

Mother of suspected serial rapist: ‘I’ll cut your thing off’ if allegations are true

"That's my son,” Melinda Pearce said. “But I feel for the victim, you know? Whatever happened, I do feel for the victim because I'm a woman- a victim of- I've been raped before. I know how it feels."

She said her son told her he didn't do it and says in her heart, she believes him.

"I feel like what I want to do is just go into a hole and scream and cry. Because at this time I'm praying from the bottom of my heart that he's not- he's not guilty," Melinda said.

A judge ordered Pearce-Robinson held on $ 2 million bond. Meanwhile, police are actively looking for two other suspects in these cases.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Columbus Police Sexual Assault Tip Line at 614-645-4266 or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-645-4881.