Serial offender, questioned in deaths of two women, speaks from jail


Edwin Zimmerman spoke with 10TV from inside the Franklin County Jail.

He said it's time he set the record straight about him, and the crimes he's been accused of.

Edwin Zimmerman: "I understand I'm not a perfect person. Everybody thinks I...but I'm not a bad person either."

Glenn McEntyre: "You're not a bad person?"

Zimmerman: "No. It looks bad on paper...but a lot of these cases over the years that I took plea deals, I didn't do."

Those plea deals include various sex crimes against women, dating back to the mid-1980's. Most of his victims he picked up on the streets of Columbus.

His most recent accuser, whom 10TV is not identifying, says he picked her up December 31.

"He said don't worry, we're just going back to my house. And we pull up to a cornfield. I told him what are we doing? I wanted to go back. He pulls out a knife and says get in the back."

She says she first became fearful when he started asking her questions about Lindsey Maccabee and Danielle Greene, two friends of hers from the streets.

Both women were found dead in Fairfield County last fall.

"It was just, whenever he first started talking about my friends, like the way he was just going into details about what happened to them," she said.

This week the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office told 10TV they are "looking at" Zimmerman in relation to Greene and Maccabee's deaths.

Zimmerman says he agreed to be interviewed by detectives in February.

"I told them straight up, they could get my GPS off my vehicle, they could get my cell phone, and I would take a polygraph test, anyway I could help these people solve this, because I didn't do this."

He says he doesn't know- and has never seen- Maccabee or Greene. He also denies the allegations of the woman who accused him on December 31.

McEntyre: "Did you pull a knife on her?"

Zimmerman: "No sir. Never pulled a knife on any of them. None. No, never. Even in '08, never."

McEntyre: "You've been accused of pulling knives on multiple women over the years."

Zimmerman: "Yes, yes."

McEntyre: "You say that's never happened?"

Zimmerman: "Never. I took a plea deal in them cases basically to save my hind end."

McEntyre: "Why would these women lie about you? Why would so many different women lie about you?"

Zimmerman: "Well for one, there's a reward in the Fairfield County bodies. There's also 'victims of crime' money out there that these women know they can receive."

McEntyre: "Then how do you explain this pattern- there's a clear pattern of behavior, there's-"

Zimmerman: "There's a bad apple in everything you do. All these girls out here are basically- you know how many guys that are in this jail right now, or in hte workhouse, that are basically for rape or sexual battery or kidnapping on prostitutes?"

McEntyre: "So you're calling the women who have accused you of rape and other crimes- they're bad apples?"

Zimmerman: "They fabricated stories. yes, they fabricated stories."

McEntyre: "They're all lying?"

Zimmerman: "Yes."

McEntyre: "All of them?"

Zimmerman: "Yes."

Zimmerman is currently charged with kidnapping in the December 31 incident. He has not been charged in the deaths of Danielle Greene or Lindsey Maccabee.

Of his possible connection to those crimes, investigators say they haven't ruled anything in, or out.

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