Serial groper pleads guilty in Ohio State fondling case


A Columbus man with a long history of groping women in public has been convicted again, but will soon be back on the streets.

On Monday, Lonnie Sturdivant pleaded guilty to one count of breaking and entering in a case where he was accused of touching the backsides of two women on the Ohio State campus. He had previously been banned from campus for similar crimes, which was the basis for the breaking and entering charge.

Misdemeanor charges of sexual imposition and trespassing were dropped. A judge sentenced Sturdivant to one year in prison, the maximum possible for breaking and entering. With credit for 328 days already served, Sturdivant will be out of jail in less than 40 days.

Sturdivant has 11 previous convictions on similar crimes of unwelcome touching of women in public. 10TV’s coverage of his extensive history garnered the attention of State Representative Jim Hughes, who has proposed increasing penalties for repeat offenders after the third such offense.

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